Mental health risk screening: factor structure due to sociodemographic characteristics during COVID-19

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Silvia Morales Chainé
Alejandra López Montoya
Alejandro Bosch Maldonado
Ana Gisela Beristain Aguirre
Rebeca Robles García
Claudia Lydia Treviño Santacruz
Germán Palafox Palafox
Carmen Fernández Cáceres


Introduction: the COVID-19 pandemic is associated with mental health symptoms.

Objective: to screen mental health symptoms by validating the factor structure of the screening test related to sociodemographic variables during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Method: we worked with 36,811 Mexican (M = 34 years; SD = 11.68), 61.8% (22,743) women, 15.3% (5,643) losing loved ones, 12.7% (4,683) having a COVID-19 condition, and 8.22% (3,027) sought remote psychological care. We required participants to answer the Posttraumatic Stress Checklist (PCL-C), Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ), Goldberg’s Generalized Anxiety Questionnaire, Health Anxiety, and Somatization tests in a WebApp.

Results: the Confirmatory Factor Analysis indicated good factor structures and measurement invariances of the scales because of participants´ sociodemographic characteristics and their structural equation model.

Discussion: therefore, Women showed re-experimentation, numbing, anxiety, and somatization symptoms. Grieving or suffering a COVID-19 condition associated with generalized anxiety. People seeking psychological care reported somatization symptoms. Also, avoidance predicted symptoms of re-experimentation, and re-experimentation predicted health anxiety. Health anxiety predicted somatization, depression, and generalized anxiety, denoted by hyperarousal symptoms. Depression predicted numbing and hyperarousal symptoms.

Conclusions: there are mental health risks in women, people with loved-one losses, those with a COVID-19 condition, or people seeking psychological care. Future research will show how early interventions interrupt mental health risks associated with the pandemic.

mental health ,  screening ,  CFA ,  measurement invariance ,  COVID-19
Published: May 15, 2023

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Morales Chainé S, López Montoya A, Bosch Maldonado A, Beristain Aguirre AG, Robles García R, Treviño Santacruz CL, Palafox Palafox G, Fernández Cáceres C. Mental health risk screening: factor structure due to sociodemographic characteristics during COVID-19. RIIAD [Internet]. 2023 May 15 [cited 2023 Sep. 23];9(1):61-79. Available from:
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